If you are interested in starting or asking more about my mentorship, please contact me at coolb3rt@gmail.com and make sure you mention mentorship in the subject line!

Student Sample: Christina Wu

1 on 1 mentoring

If you are serious about leveling up your art and design abilities in order to get closer to working in the video game industry as a concept artist.

I have an 8 week program for students who are interested in mentorships. I will go over drawing and painting, design, fundamentals such as perspective and lighting.

Generally I will start by critiquing your current portfolio, asking you what direction you are interested in going with your work. Then begin giving assignments that can help bring up your weak points along with assignments that can help boost your strengths. I’ll monitor your progress throughout to make sure that you’re understanding the material. Each week I’ll start by reviewing your homework, doing a paintover if necessary, giving a lecture or lesson, and assigning you homework to work on for the week.

Pricing and Information

$800 for 8 weeks of 1 on 1 mentorship. We meet up once a week on a day that we decide on for 1 - 2 hours. I’ll critique your work, do paintovers, give assignments, and give lessons. I work very closely with you to help bring up weak points and refine your strengths.

Sessions are over Skype.

$100 on Sign-up, $700 on start.



I also do mentorships to help students build Art Center Entertainment Design portfolios. This program is also 8 weeks long. We can start from scratch and build a new portfolio. Or if you have one that is in the process of being built, I can critique it and help polish or refine designs.